Our Home-Grown Organic Herbs

The herbs are planted in raised garden beds filled with nutrient-rich soil. This soil helps keep our plants healthy and full.

We use compost made of food scraps instead of growth aids filled with chemicals. Our compost helps the plants grow without hurting the environment. We use a pesticide that is made from all-natural ingredients, making it safe for the Earth and animals.

The herbs are dried out by being hung dried for 1 month. After this they are packaged in a clean environment. 

Great Ways to Use the Herbs

Our herbs are great in any delicious recipe. They are a great way to add flavor to anything you make.


Our rosemary is great on a salmon dish. I also love to put oregano on my eggs in the morning.

Harvesting & Drying Process

The herbs are harvested in moderation. To ensure that the plants are able to continue growing.


Once they are harvested we hand clean them with warm water to get any dirt or bugs off. After, they are towel dried to get any surface water off.


Then for the next few weeks to a month, they are hung dried. This is done by tieing them together in small bunches with twine. These bunches are hung up in a dark dry room until they are fully dried and ready for use. 

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